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Waist Deep Fishing


We'll begin with quick group introductions and getting everyone's California fishing licenses in order for the day trip. After that I'll talk about the area that we'll be fly fishing, safety precautions, and what signs to look for when identifying good fly fishing spots. Guest will become familiarized with the different pieces of equipment we'll be using. Guest will learn the different types of rods, reels, fly line/tippet, hooks and most importantly bait.


Once everyone has been outfitted with fishing waders we can get our feet in the water. First, I will demonstrate different types of fly fishing casts. Guest will get to practice their rod casting while I help them develop proper technique for Slack-Line or Serpent Casting. After guest have become comfortable with their casting I will show guests how to tie a fly.


Throughout the year as the seasons change different types of flies or insect lures may better. I will discuss how to increase success by being able to differentiate between the right bait for the type of water and time of season. Guest will get to practice tying a fly line and start fly fishing. Enjoy hours of fishing fun and maybe catch dinner!

4 hours / $380 per person / 2 person minimum


2062 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

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